Thursday, January 7, 2010

Designing block - OVER!

What a complete relief to be back in the swing of work. I'm already behind on deadlines, buried in emails, and happy as a clam. I do so love my job!

I can't believe I lost so much work time in December, though, due to my own shut-down. I know I needed a break, but that was more like a forced work stoppage than a vacation. Now I'm scrambling to get all the new designs I assigned to me created in a sadistically short time frame, but I have no one to blame but myself. So I'm cranking it out like a little soldier.

Last night I had a design idea that I doodled with, and managed to get about an inch and a half of something I thought was usable. Today I worked on it for pretty close to 12 hours straight, and here's what I've got:

I'm planning on re-designing the clasp loop because it got too big and ungainly for the rest of the project. It's out of scale and throwing off the balance. Luckily I have an idea for that, but it's too late now for me to work on it any more. I need sleep!! I'm also thinking it wants to have an optional tassel hanging off the clasp area. What do you guys think?

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