Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Patience is a virtue!

I admit it...I've been missing in action on the blog lately! I can hear your disappointed sighs every time you pull up the page and find no new content. I mean it! I hear every single one of them!

Since getting home from the Bead & Button Show/Beads by Blanche trip last Wednesday night, there's been little time for rest or catching up. I had three weeks of mail to go through, bills to pay, packages to ship out, as well as some important personal things like getting to see my niece and nephew. Mom and I drove to Fort Worth on Sunday to take a class with Maggie Meister (more on that soon!) and that entailed waking at 6am, and then not getting back home again until 8pm. At which point, I crashed.

By crashed I mean slept. For 18 out of the next 24 hours. Maybe 18.5. So there went Monday! And today I spent the whole day feeling ill. Too much travel. Too much greasy road food. Not enough normalcy. So it was day two of my body's revolt.

Thank goodness I can feel the tide turning, though. Tonight as I type this, the energy is coming back and the stomach isn't rumbling anymore. I'm packaging a bazillion receipts to send off to Shoeboxed.com to be scanned and downloaded into my Outright.com bookkeeping package. So actual WORK is happening!

It's good there will NOT be a day three of the body revolt (are you listening, Body??) because I don't have time for it at all. There are projects to be designed, MORE packages to mail out, beads to be ordered, and evidentally, some Part II of the Bead & Button Show blog post to be written!

So hang in there for another day or two with me....okay? I haven't forgotten about you! I never forget about you. You wouldn't believe how many conversations we have in my head.

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