Sunday, August 29, 2010

Plans vs. Reality

What I had planned on getting accomplished this weekend:
  • Finishing a Rosetta necklace sample, and possibly getting a second substantially done.
  • Mailing out all the packages that need to get mailed
  • Pedicure
  • Writing a bunch of instructions
  • Making some kits that we're out of stock on
  • Installing my new bed headboard
What really happened this weekend:
  • Emergency babysitting of my nephew while my sister-in-law took my niece to the doctor for pink eye
  • Flooring shopping with Mom - we picked our laminate wood floor and two kinds of tile (one for the kitchen/laundry, and one for the bathrooms)
  • Working on the Rosetta necklace sample, but not until late Sunday night. I may stay up and finish it tonight just so I can check it off the list.
  • Installed the headboard - it looks so great! I haven't had a headboard on my bed in over 15 years, and I'm totally glad I bought it.
  • Several naps.
Soo...can you guess what's on the agenda for this coming week??? Lots of beading samples and lots of instruction writing.. A little cleaning.

It will be a few weeks before we can get the installation of all the new flooring scheduled because we have to involve a plumber (I'm going to replace my bathroom vanity at the same time) and an electrician (we're going to run electrical under the laminate and have an outlet under our side table for lighting and computer) and lastly, we've got a mosaic medallion that's going to be installed in our entryway that's coming from Israel, so we have to wait until that arrives. Not a bad thing since I have to clean up the nightmare in the bead room. I'm not sure what I'll have to bribe myself with to get THAT done. A trip to Italy, perhaps??? I'm thinking a piece of cheesecake ain't gonna cut it.

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  1. Oh please do take pictures of before and after all the fun, fun, fun (NOT) re-no work!!! lol!!! Having fun with it? It is a LOT of work... Regardless, do have a blast and I'm serious.... you'll be able to look at everything several years from now remembering everything that's been done! Like you, we leave the hard-core plumbing and hard-core wiring to the pros.... No chance of trying to botch that up at all. It's good to get them to do it because if anything goes wrong, you've got everything in writing and they will need to return heaven forbid something pops up that you or mom doesn't like. Let's hope that won't happen. Best of luck and happiness in all of your re-no projects!