Sunday, April 24, 2011

Head Shots!

Like many people I know - I hate having my photo taken. I've gotten better about it over the years, mainly because when my grandmother died many many years ago, one heartbreaking moment was my grandfather confessing that the day before she got so sick she had to go to the hospital, they were scheduled to have a portrait taken of the two of them for their 50th anniversary. He balked at the photo shoot and refused to do it, but regretted it terribly after she passed away. So I try to remember that it's okay that I'm fluffy or my hair is wonky that day or I don't love the outfit I'm in. Because that's not the point of the photo!

Still doesn't make it easy, though, when your brain thinks you're significantly skinnier than reality. Seeing those pictures can be a shock! So I haven't been enthused about having to get a head shot taken for the book. But yet, that's my first book-related deadline, so - grumble - groan - put off - reschedule - whine - I finally did it yesterday.

I picked Korey Howell as my photographer because I loved the informal tone of her website - kinda silly and chatty, like I tend to write. Plus I also loved her photos! Much to my surprise, the whole event was, well, a non-event! It was quick, and easy. I chose to do several different clothing looks so I would have a variety to choose from (again, thinking they were all going to suck!) and also so I would be able to use different photos for different things. The book, bead show websites where they post the instructor's bios, bead stores where they are showing what classes are being offered by national instructors, and magazines when I'm published. But guess what? I had a horrible time choosing photos because they were ALL GOOD!

Here's what I picked - and I may go back and pick one more big smile shot. But really, I feel great about them! What a relief!



  1. I was showing my office manager the necklace we learned in Albuquerque, and the very first comment out of her mouth was, "Wow, look at those beautiful blue eyes!" She liked the necklace too, once I got her to look at it!

  2. I like the big smiles the best-#2 and #4. Beautiful!

  3. They all turned out great! I do like #2 best..your smile is so natural! I love your necklace in the 3rd shot!! Nice..any of them will be great!

  4. I love it with your hair up and the red dress, very sophisticated.