Saturday, December 31, 2011


Earlier tonight (and by tonight, I mean 3am, naturally) I was working on a new design that will end up being one of my national class offerings, and I decided I needed a couple of Swarovski pearls for it. I walked into the Bead Room and picked my way through the piles to the special Swarovski pearl spot. And by special Swarovski pearl spot, I mean 3-4 random small boxes on top of some cabinets with mixed colors and sizes of pearls that make OCD sufferers start to shake.

It's already been pointed out to me that they're not in order.
All of a sudden, I just couldn't take it one more minute! Next thing you know I grabbed some storage containers, my labeler, and some baggies along with the Swarovski pearl stash, and two hours later I have this lovely pile of organized, labeled, sorted beads. And an unfinished design. This is my life - full of detours.

You may have noticed I've been absent from the blog lately. And by lately I mean a really long time. I'm blaming the detours. My last post celebrated the turning in of my last designs for The Book. You know the one - that big monster that took over my entire year? THAT book? Well, after the last box of beady fun went in the mail, the work was far from over. I still had instructions and illustrations to create for more then half of the 24 projects, and a technical editor (Judith Durant) and illustrator (Melissa Grakowsky Shippee) waiting for me to send them. So another solid month or more was spent with my hindquarters glued to the sofa and my hands to the computer getting every last title and intro and period written. Edits were made. Illustrations drawn. And then all of a sudden I was facing down...nothing. No urgent deadline. No people waiting on me. No. More. Book. Urgency.

Do you know what happens when the constant stream of adrenalin that has been coursing through your veins suddenly stops? You stop too. You crawl into bed for days. You stare into space. You spend one pathetic night crying and terrified that what you just turned in wasn't good enough. Poor Mom for having to deal with that insanity! I guess she gets Employee of the Month yet again!

I'm working on digging back out from the freefall by catching up on things that got pushed aside during the last few months. I'm slowly starting to design again. Thinking about all the fun and exciting things will happen in 2012. But I won't lie - I'm still deep in Post-Book Syndrome.

I learned so much while writing this book that as I start looking at the next book and how I want the process to go, I know it will be much better. Less detours.


  1. Looking forward to meeting you at Bead Soup in Maryland in the fall, Jill. Happy New Year to you!

  2. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only Swarovski pearl addict around:) I have almost all the colors of 3 mm and many of the 4 mm.

    Looking forward to seeing your new book.