Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I have a crystal or two

At least once a week I think I'm crazy for having this job. Like when I look at my to-do list a mile long and know there's no way I'll accomplish it all.

At least once a week I think I'm lucky to have this job. Like when I looked at my Bead & Button Show signups today and discovered that I now have seven of eleven classes sold out at the show. I'm so grateful and humbled (and freaking out.)

At least once a week I adore this job (and usually MUCH more than just once!) Like when I have this many Swarovski Crystals delivered to my door. :-D


  1. OMG Jill, I have never seen so many packets of crystals. One day maybe, one day. Lucky lady.


  2. You have to make a LOT of kits to justify this many crystals! But I'll admit, even knowing they're going to good homes and not staying here with me, they make me happy.