Friday, November 30, 2012


I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that 2012 is almost over. This past year has flashed by at warp speeds, and I'm left shaking my head and laughing. Ironically, I still feel like I'm planning for stuff that's going to happen in 2012! I guess I need to cross out that 12 and mark it a 13 instead!

The joy and excitement and every other emotion about publishing a book still hit me on a regular basis. Which is really a good motivator for me right now as I'm spending the last month of this year and the first month of next year doing much of the designing and writing for my next book! I need to remember how cool the outcome will be when I'm deep in the midst of writing minutia and design dilemmas and color combo frustrations.

One of the other really nice things about being home for more than two months straight is that after I slept for a week (I'm not really kidding) Mom and I have been making slow but steady progress on cleaning up the disaster areas in our house that the 2012 whirlwind left behind. Massive piles of beads in boxes left over from various shows. Massive piles of beads and paperwork on all horizontal surfaces. Just tonight I discovered more than one item that I must have purchased in a pre-show frenzy because I couldn't find it when I went to go make the kits. Now that things are being put away, guess what??? I'm overstocked on some of those bits! LOL

Fireline Stockpile
One of our biggest goals for next year is to keep a larger inventory of kits on hand so that we're not making so many of them in a short amount of time right before I have to leave town with them. That's when the mistakes are made. It's a big financial commitment. It's not that I wasn't aware I should be doing that all along, but it's been much more about the ability to do it in regards to the cash flow of the business. Working so hard this past year has helped me have a better cushion so we can dial back some of the insanity.

So between working on various samples (that I can't show you yet) I'm taking ten minute breaks to go pick something and put it away. And periodically I'm spooling Fireline in bulk quantities so that's ready to go too.

Dang, I sound organized, don't I??? Just call me, Mistress of Illusion. ;-)

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