Monday, February 15, 2010

This and That

From June:
Jill did get back from Tucson last week. She tried to drive all the way in one fell swoop, but the incessant rain made her decide to make it a two-day trip instead. Safety first, always.

Since she’s gotten back, she’s been working on filling the orders that came in while she had all the kits in Tucson. I also forced her to work on the bead room yesterday. For 30 minutes. With a timer set. It’s been so overwhelming, and we’ve been so busy, that we’ve been reluctant to even go in there. But we had to start somewhere. We really should take before and after pictures, but I think the “before” picture would be too frightening. (Ever watch the TV show “Hoarders”?) So that’s the goal – at least 30 minutes every day.

While Jill was gone, I painted the entire living room and dining area off the kitchen. We didn’t hate the color it was when we moved into the house, but it needed to be repainted. Jill and I decided to change the tint a little. Guess what? Jill likes the original color better than the new color. I ain’t repainting it. I’ll just wait for her memory of the original color to dim!

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