Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Rut Ro. I'm in trouble with Mom for not updating the blog lately. Whoops! She's totally right, of course (shhhh...keep that between us, will you?) and I've got a lot to catch you up on!

First off, I just spent last weekend teaching in the Houston area. On Saturday I made my second trip to Lake Jackson, Texas, where there's an feisty and active beading group for such a small locale. We had 13 ladies working away on Night at the Opera bracelets, and I was so thrilled to see all the enthusiasm! We even had 3 baby beaders in the group that stuck with it - NATO is a challenge for a beginner, but they all left with finished clasps, and that's the hardest part. I have faith the more experienced members will help them with completing their projects so I can see them all when I return again in September!

Sunday was spent at the lovely bead store, Beadoholique, in Spring, Texas. I stayed the night with the owner, Glynna White, and her family, including her adorable fur children. Rudy the poodle is often at the store during the week, and he's a hoot! He and I got along like fast friends, and if Glynna isn't careful, I'll be sneaking him out with my luggage next time. We had 18 in class on Sunday and it was a joyful noise. You know exactly what I mean, don't you? Some of the students I know from various classes and events over the years, and others were new beady friends. We laughed all day and teased each other mercilessly. I felt right at home there, and happily they have asked me back for a class in September also.

Royalle Giddings is one of the regular instructors there, and she had the most AMAZING shoes on! I couldn't help but snap a photo. She was too diligent for me to crawl under the table and actually snatch them off her feet. Maybe I'll get lucky next time!

I haven't talked about the end of the Tucson extravaganza yet either, have I? As per usual, it was a whirlwind of all my favorite people in one place, and a struggle against the elements and exhaustion. We had pouring rain the last day that flooded some vendor spaces out in the tents, and made our break down and loading of our cars a muddy mess. But since controlling Mother Nature is not in the plans, we all made due. I stayed over a few days to shop for kits and supplies, but honestly, I never even left my casita on Monday. I slept roughly 20 out of 24 hours that day. By Tuesday I was recovered again, and made my way to my favorite show for some spending. Just like a rookie, I managed to spend all my money at that one show, so to keep myself from spending beyond my means, I decided to avoid even looking at any of the other shows I normally would have attended. I know myself too well. Me and temptation are not a good mix.

I was dreadful about taking photos, but here's a shot of me and Brenda Schweder who kept me company at my booth for a while on Wednesday. She's got a new book coming out with Lark Publishing in the fall on Steel Wire Jewelry. It's SO COOL!

And another of me with Rashan Omari Jones, who makes amazing boro glass beads, pendants, and perfume bottles. He's also very important because he is the Assistant Show Director, and he's in charge turning the heater on and off in the tent. So I suck up to him a lot. I have to keep warm!!


  1. Good to know you are still alive ... especially as I allready signed up for your Kumihimo class at Beadfest Santa Fe.

  2. I had an awesome time with you in Tucson, Girlie! Good thing there are many miles between us or there would be t-r-ubble! xoxox!