Monday, March 8, 2010

Michael's ad

I did a quick design job back in December that tickled me, but I decided to wait to tell y'all about it. Now that it's been published in the April issue of Bead & Button magazine in the Michael's ad, I can brag!

What's funny to me is that while purpose of the ad is to tell folks that Michael's is now carrying Toho seed beads (woot!) they didn't want a bead weaving piece. Instead my directions were for a multi-strand necklace with a tassel, using mostly Toho seed beads. It's been so long since I had strung any pieces, that it took me a little longer than I thought it would to put the piece together. The main time spent was getting the spacing right on the front three strands. It took several trips to Michael's as I was getting the right materials and working on them. Here's how it came together:

The badly drawn concept I submitted (I am NOT good at drawing!!)

My scan before I sent the pieces off for the photo session

And the finished ad in the magazine


  1. Silly girl! And here I was thinking how lucky I am to have my very own Carol Bradley earrings!