Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Worker Bee

I have this sudden burst of "Spring has Sprung" energy! The amount of work I've accomplished in the last few day is impressive. Yes, I've still got piles ahead to slog through, but I'm making progress in a huge and visible way and I feel like Wonder Woman right about now.

My email has been out of control for a long time, but I'm working my way through it. Every time the Bead & Button show sends out another email about my classes they added there I get a flurry of website orders, and requests for Night at the Opera and Kumihimo kits. To answer those questions here - yes, I will have kits available for both classes on the website at some point. I'm working on getting supplies in so I can have a decent quantity on hand before I put them up. So stay posted! You know I'll make sure y'all know about it as soon as it happens.

I'm also working on supply ordering in mass quantities for all the kits I'll have to assemble between now and the beginning of June. If we don't start now, the end of May is going to really be a sad time of chaos for us, so we're working away on what we can do now each day. Just yesterday I spooled Fireline for 90 kits - about 1500 yards of it. Tip of the iceberg!

Mom's been sick with some creeping crud for three weeks now. You can tell how bad she feels just by the fact that she broke down and went to the doctor yesterday. She's on a Zpak now, and I've been trying to make her sleep a lot before she has to return to work tomorrow. And I'm washing my hands about eleventy billion times a day.

I've snuck in a tiny bit of beading time here and there, but more is definitely called for. One project I can't show you for a couple of weeks, but you're going to adore it! And I'm doing some bead doodles of various sorts looking for some new designs for the 2011 class proposal deadlines which start hitting April 30. Yikes!

Enjoy your spring days!

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