Saturday, May 15, 2010

From June:
If you're a regular reader of this blog, you've already met our crazy dog, Winston. Yesterday I picked up a $3 stuffed duck from Big Lots, and gave it to him last night. OMG. He is obsessed with this stuffed duck. Last night, while Jill and I were trying to work on Bead & Button stuff, he was putting the thing on our feet, wanting us to throw it for him. Over and over and over. And over. It got to the point where he as panting for breath, but he would not quit. Over and over and over.

When we tried not throwing it, he and Mr. Duck would jump into one of our laps without warning. And I have a tray in my lap with over a thousand dollars of 2 mm crystals that I'm counting out. By this time the duck is completely wet and slimy with Winston saliva. Not only would he jump on our lap, but then, he would try to climb up so he could put the duck IN OUR FACE. "What's the matter Mom, can't you SEE the duck that I need you to throw for me? It ain't gonna throw itself, you know."

When I went to bed, he climbed up into bed with me - with the duck of course. Winston never sleeps in bed with me. He has a bed next to mine and he almost always sleeps in that. But no. In bed. With me. And the duck. And periodically through the night he would start squeaking the damn thing. I guess it just made him happy.

Today Winston is STILL OBSESSED WITH THE DUCK. This is just crazy! Does anyone want to come to my house and throw a duck for a while?


  1. That is too funny. And, no, I'm not coming up there to throw a slimy, dog-slobbery duck.

  2. Here duckkie....cute story, bad dog.....