Thursday, May 6, 2010

One bead...two beads...

My life has become a massive assembly line. For the next 27 days, I will be consumed by the myriad of mindless tasks that constitute kit assembly. My brain gets a workout only as I'm trying to calculate how much of what goes into which baggie, and trying to make sure everything is getting done. I've barely left the house in a week. There's something rather Kafka-esque about the whole predicament - something along the lines of "be careful of what you ask for!"

But the good news is that I have the new Netflix disc that turns your Wii game console into a instant streaming DVD player. I'm not sure that's what my brother had in mind for the Wii when it was this year's Christmas gift, but hey! Now I can go back and watch all the seasons of Dexter while I work away, among other things.


  1. I'm right there with ya! Finished inventory today and tomorrow start making what I'm out of. Dexter, huh? I'm all caught up w/Dexter but am just finishing Breaking Bad...good series but depressing.

    We're kittin' kittens!

  2. wish I were there to help- I am a master of the assembly line. Not that I like it much, I just excel in seemingly mindless tasks--wait that didn't come out right- oh well, who cares?!