Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fred: the Lariat

We are stuck, and we need your help. Mom and I have hit a brick wall as we've tried to come up with a name for Mom's new lariat design. Please keep us from naming it Fred. Or Larry Lariat (because we like alliteration). Keep in mind that there will be other colorways than just purple.



  1. Spiraly, Spikey, Leafy, Branches.....

    A vine?

    although that may not work with other colorways so well?

  2. Or the scrambled word I just had to type in to be able to post:

    Word Verification:


  3. dripping vine? something along that line...

    You had me worried with the Fred caption. I thought maybe a tree had fallen on your head or something.

  4. A tropical vine is called a liana. How about Liana Lariat or Purple Liana? It looks so very tropical to me. You could also look up tropical vines and name it after one that is purple. Very beautiful!!!! Pamela in Tucson

  5. twining vine...lariats always remind me of Texas and rope (or twine)

  6. How about the Lush and Leafy Lariat? You like alliteration, right? :-)

  7. ahhh...Alliteration, she said...

    Voluminous Vine Lariat

    Lusciously Leafy Lariat (to build off of Jen...)

    Totally Twisted Lariat (you could have a LOT of fun with colorways for that one...)

    Wonderful Winding Lariat

  8. I can't help myself, as this is one of my favorite colorways... How about "Luscious Lilac" my 1st thought before I read the comments and then this odd sort'a tune sailed thru' my mind.
    You can find that Lariat on 'Lilac & Vine'
    Then it kind'a morphed to 'Hollywood & Vine'

    FWIW - Gator

  9. How about two-toned and textured? well, it does alliterate ;)