Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hot news!

I've got to confess: I've been holding out on you!! But I can spill the beans properly now and I know you'll be as excited as I am. Drum roll please....

I am joining the staff of Beaducation as an online video class instructor! If you're not familiar already with Beaducation, you need to check it out - they are an amazing company! It's the brainchild of Lisa Niven Kelly, and has become a huge force in the industry. They have a superstar line up of instructors who create online video classes in wirework, chainmail, metalwork, PMC, mixed media, and of course - seed bead weaving! Everything from beginning classes to advanced, and there are even freebie classes. Let me repeat that: FREE CLASSES!

The lineup of instructors include:
I'll be filming four classes in November, along with two freebies (FREE!) and they should hit the Beaducation website by January 1. We plan on me doing several new classes each year. I can't wait to work with these Rock Stars, and I'm so thrilled at being able to provide classes in a video format for y'all!

This is one of Barb Switzer's classes - Figure S Bracelet

You'll have unlimited access to the classes, meaning you can watch the class again five years from now if you want to (actually, there's no time limit at ALL,) and you can watch it endless times over again if you want to giggle at that blooper I'm bound to make again. You will also receive a PDF file with a written handout too that goes with the class. You can either use your own beads, or I will have kits that go along with the projects available for purchase too. 

I know the next question is "What are the classes, Jill?? HUH??" Hey - a girl's got to save some surprises. Stay tuned!!


  1. Jill - you ARE one of those rock star bead artists! Didn't you know that? congrat's to you

  2. Aw...thank you! I'm slowly starting to get that in my little head - but I hope I never ever take it for granted! I'll keep working as hard as ever so y'all keep loving me and what I do.