Monday, October 11, 2010

Evolution of a bracelet

One of the things I worked on this past weekend while in my hotel room is a lovely bracelet by Martina Nagle. I purchased this pattern from her Etsy store a while back and I even bought beads for it in June, but haven't had time to sit and work on it until now.

This is the original design that I fell in love with...
Martina's bracelet uses alternating pearls and Swarovski bicones down the center. She added the embellishment with the Size 15 seed beads only on the outside two rows. Gorgeous!

And then I saw Petra Tismer's variation on Facebook, and fell in love with this one too! Can you see the difference? Petra's version used the Size 15 embellishment on every hexagon, and added a smaller firepolish bead in the center of each one.

I had decided to do Petra's variation, but look! When I added the Size 15s on all the hexagons, I decided I was already done. I adore the pattern of the beads without any additional embellishment. It's like a Wedding Ring Quilt pattern in a bracelet. I also left one middle hexagon without the Size 15 embellishment so I could use it as a clasp. Adore!!


  1. Went to Etsy to try to get the pattern but couldn't find it... :( I love what you did...very simple but effective!

  2. Hi Nancy - I just checked, and it looks like the tutorial has been sold. Check again tonight and I'm sure Martina will have listed another one. I didn't warn her I was posting this on my blog, so she wasn't ready for a few extra sales today!!

  3. Oh Jill, this is sooo lovely!! And I am happy you like the pattern.

    Nancy, I relisted meanwhile...