Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Picking a class for the Texas Bead Retreat

I need your help again! It's time for me to pick a project to teach at the Texas Bead Retreat in January 2011. I've got a number of ideas, and I'd love to know what y'all think! So I created a poll over there <--- to the left. Please vote!

I've been wanting to do my own gorgeous version of a grapevine bracelet/necklace for years now, but I never finished the sample I started in 2007. Yeah - really 2007. In all the house ruckus, I rediscovered it, sitting sadly in a box, waiting for some attention. And now I'm reinvigorated to work on it again - especially since there are more options for drop beads these days and I will be making the grape clusters with several different sizes and shapes for a textured look.

Tila beads are all the rage at the moment, of course, and I'd love to have an excuse to play with them! I'm thinking of a layered 3-dimensional type of bracelet.

One of my Austin students has been pestering me for an all-earrings class. What do y'all think?? It would be three completely different styles of earrings. I think we could accomplish that in the time frame allotted there.

If you have something entirely different you'd like to propose, I want to hear it! Send me an email or a comment, okay?

On a different note: a further update with photos of the house renovations is coming soon! I can't believe what a change has gone on in this house in the last 30 days. Don't pinch me....I don't want to wake up if it's a dream!

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  1. I think the earring class sounds interesting. That way they can leave with 3 projects maybe even finish a couple!!! We tried to get into the retreat but somehow we were rejected because I mailed my check the day before it was opened to public so it would be there on day one. I am wondering how they chose or if it was filled up before it even opened. Anyway, Have fun Jill!!!