Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not as planned

Sunday evening we had my brother's family over for dinner and little kid hijinks which culminated in a bath for the little ones in Mom's oversized bathtub, playing with the inflatable boat we purchased for them on the cruise. Is there anything cuter than little naked kiddos running through the house with glee? You'll understand why there are no photos...

Monday night we had massive thunderstorms blow through overnight and the MOMENT it hit, our electricity went out. Wouldn't normally have been a big deal except in typical Jill style, I had left an editing job to the last minute and now I had no light to read! Enter modern day technology to save the day! I spent three hours finishing up by iPhone Flashlight application.

Not a lot exciting going on right now. Making kits to take with me to Seattle on Thursday. I have some instruction tweaking to do on Wednesday and printing to do. Packing. I'm hoping to carve out some beading time in the evenings while I'm there because I have several designs burning in my brain, dying to come out.

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