Monday, October 12, 2009

Adult Onset ADD?

I'm pretty sure I've developed Attention Deficit Disorder in the last few years. Or maybe in my case it should be called "Brain Spinning Disease."

There are so many balls in the air to be juggled that I often have trouble focusing on one at a time long enough to accomplish the task. I'm amazingly productive when I DO concentrate and am able to single-task (multi-tasking is no longer efficient in my muddled brain.) The trick is getting my mind to quiet down to that single event.

So I guess the answer for today is lists. I do know the coping techniques - and lists are a great way to quiet the mind because it keeps me from having to run the list over and over again in my head make sure I don't forget anything. On the other hand, one must keep track of the list(s) and that can be an issue too. But one thing at a time.

My List:
  • Find all the samples to take to Houston Quilt Show (HQS)
  • Buy dowel to hang banner for HQS
  • Finish making kit samples that need to be shipped to Fusion for photos
  • Finish making kits that need to be shipped to Fusion on Thursday
  • Finish making kits that need to go with me to Houston on Wednesday
  • Laundry to cloth myself in Houston
  • Bank - deposit, and get change for cash register (closed Monday)
  • Oh yeah - get Mom to reprogram cash register
  • Pack and mail website orders that came in this weekend (closed Monday)
  • Re-order Night at the Opera instructions
  • Write Crystal Bangle instructions and email
  • Pack booth stuff to leave for Houston on Wednesday morning
  • Pack personal stuff to leave for Houston on Wednesday morning (see "laundry" above)
And that's just the list for things that need to be accomplished in the next 4 days.

Tell you what, though - I already feel better for having a list!

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  1. I am afraid that your brain spinning disease is old fashioned stress.

    You should get someone to take some of these tasks of your hands so you can focus on the money making tasks like teaching classes and working on your personal brand.