Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quick update from Houston

Hello world out there!

I always feel I'm in some sort of strange time capsule when I'm at a show, and the longer the show lasts, the more disconnected from the world at large I feel. I don't see news. I don't interact with folks outside of this insular crafting society. I basically work and sleep with the occasional dinner or blog posting thrown in for good measure.

Wednesday was brutally tiring, as predicted. The heat and humidity in Houston combined and threatened to turn us all into walking water faucets all day. Thank goodness for air conditioning! By the time Mom and I got back to the hotel at 10:45pm, we were so done in. I think we were both snoring by 11pm. (Note from June: I'm pretty sure I never snore.)

Thursday was hopping - I can really see the crowds back in force this year which makes me (and the other vendors) very happy. We've seen lots of familiar faces, and plenty more new ones too. The day really flew by because we were busy pretty much the entire time. I anticipate much of the same on Friday and Saturday. Sunday will be much slower, as usual. We all know that Sundays are pretty much "vendors buying from vendors" day.

I should be sleeping...Mom's already been snoozing for 30 min....but I couldn't wait another day to tell ya'll my news....

Gonna be teaching 4 classes at the Bead & Button Show 2010! I just got notification today. So happy! Mom and I started planning for 2010 over's not that far off any longer...

Night night, Friends!

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  1. Woo Hoo!!! Congrats on the classes! Your designs deserve being taught.

    I hope I'll get to see you there!