Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crazy Cat(s)

From June: I recently painted my bedroom. I've only lived for 2 years with the hideous intense mustardy yellow color that the previous owners had in my room. So I finally got the painting done. Art for the wall is on order. It's starting to come together a bit. Last week I bought a quilt in the new green and brown colors.

You may know that we have two cats - Josie and Piper. Hang with me here - this will tie together in a minute. Josie is the skitterish one; Piper is more social. Piper is also a fur shedding machine. You'd think that, with the amount of hair she sheds, she would be bald by now. But oh no - she keeps growing it and shedding. Piper sleeps on the bed with me (and Maggie). Because she sheds so much, I keep an old blanket at the bottom of one side of my bed to try to contain some of the hair.

So I get the new quilt, put it on the bed, and put Piper's blanket on the quilt. When I come back a while later, here is what I saw: Piper is laying on the new quilt, next to her blanket.Darn cat! Okay, I thought, I'll fix this. I unfolded the blanket so that it covered the spot where Piper had been laying. Hahaha Piper. A while later, I went into my room, and Piper had moved up the bed so she could still be on the quilt instead of her blanket. She said, "Hahaha Mom". Okay, fine. Whatever, Piper.

I moved Piper's blanket all the way to the top of the bed. And what happened? Yup, you guessed it.

Not only that, but now I have BOTH cats sleeping on the bed. Josie and Piper do not like each other, and rarely get very close together. I guess the quilt is bringing them together. I may have lost the battle, but for some, the quilt is a roaring success.

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