Monday, November 2, 2009

Progress report

I'm pedaling fast and trying to remember to stop and breathe and eat occasionally. And sleep. Can't forget about my beloved sleep. I used to joke about wanting to grow up and be a mattress tester. I'm not joking any longer!

My quick trip to San Antonio on Saturday resulted in a happy group of 8 ladies learning the joys of kumihimo with beads. Everyone enjoys this class SO much! If you're going to be in Santa Fe in March for Bead Fest (and why wouldn't you be? It's SUCH a cool place and an equally cool show) you should hurry and sign up for my classes, especially the Kumihimo one. It's gonna fill way before the show starts, I think.

I spent the bulk of Sunday revising my master spreadsheet that contains all the pieces and parts and quantities and suppliers and order numbers and yada, yada. It had gotten neglected over time and needed some love and attention, especially as I'm placing massive orders right now. It needs to be right.

Sadly, the prices also needed to be updated. I got the news over the last few weeks that both Swarovski prices and Miyuki prices have increased (as much as 15% on some!) and the new pricing had to be entered into the equations. We have always been committed to offering our kits at the lowest prices possible, and we remain determined to continue, but you may see some prices inching up a little bit. We love working for you, but probably not enough to work for free! I haven't finished evaluating the situation yet - you won't see any of the current kit prices increase before the new year.

We've also decided to add some of our oldie but goodie kits back on the website soon. For the first time we'll have a larger stock of kits online than we take to shows. We figured, why not?

I need to get some rest in before Monday starts in earnest. I have to pull together instructions for a brand new class before the gang shows up at 1pm on Tuesday. It's going to be a challenge, but I'll bribe myself with chocolate. Works every time.

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