Wednesday, July 22, 2009


....some unnamed necklace that I finally finished designing and beading tonight! Woo-hoo! I'm so very happy with it. As usual, it looks even a million bucks better in person than in the photo. I probably spent more time working out the details of this design than any other of my previous projects.

Simple and elegant is tough, you know. All the bits and pieces show - there's no adding another layer of ruffles or crystals over here to hide that awkward bit over there. Nope. It all shows and it all counts and it had better be right. The necklace better curve properly. It can't flip up when you wear it because it's off balance. It took time, but it was worth it. And a full 10 days before the Bead & Button teaching submission deadline! (Gasp!)

My only problem at this point is a bit of "name the necklace" blockage. I've considered Crown Jewels. And Elizabeth (because it looks somewhat Elizabethan.) I think there's probably something better though. What do you think? Help me brainstorm!!

On the mother front...I've got some good news to report. Mom's knee is gradually getting better and better. It's been such an elongated recovery compared to the first knee, but everyone assures us that this is a more normal type of healing process. We liked the freaky super fast one better.

So the tasks at hand for the week are to finish up all the B&B submissions and get those mailed out. Finish making up kits for the Shreveport Bead Retreat - I leave a week from Thursday for that. And to host the second part of a home class on Saturday. A hair appointment that I stole from Mom and a joint trip to get pedicures this week rounds things out.

*Note: I only stole the hair appointment because I am super duper desperate. My sister-in-law is my hair stylist, and she stopped working for a while because of this whole "giving birth to your nephew" thing, so my hair hasn't been cut or colored in over 4 months. I can pretend the gray hairs glinting are highlights for only so long...

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