Wednesday, July 1, 2009


From June
I did something this week that I've never done before: I used one of those electric shopping cart/scooter things at Target. I've often envied shoppers who would whiz past me on a cart, but even in the worst throws of my arthritis pain, I resisted using one. I could still walk, I reasoned, and those carts were for seriously handicapped people.

Well, after my physical therapy appointment, we decided to stop at Target and pick up a few things. I really didn't think I had enough oomph left to do much walking with the walker - after all, I was only 6 days post-surgery. So I accepted the help of a nice Target worker who brought the cart right to me, and took my walker to Customer Service to hold.

Using the scooter, I had some observations:
1. The thing has no brakes! Granted, it slows down quickly when you take your finger off the accelerator, but seriously - no brakes?
2. The perspective is really different when your line of sight is down at waist level.
3. You can go fast enough to actually generate a breeze.
4. Wheee!

The rumors that I was seen trying to pop a wheelie are unfounded. Who knew grocery shopping could be so much of a challenge, and so much fun at the same time?

Thanks to everyone who have sent well wishes - I love hearing from you! Even though I am having a bit more pain with this knee than the last one, my physical therapist says I am doing amazingly well. My pain is already lessening now that I have a more formalized exercise plan. So I'm doing great. But still, keep the e-mails coming!

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