Monday, June 29, 2009

Naps and ice packs with a few beads thrown in

Kathryn emailed me tonight, scolding me for being well past an acceptable blog update time. She's right, darn her.

I got Mom home around 2pm on Friday, and we've gradually been working out a system for everything. We planned so much for the first surgery that it was a well oiled machine. But we got a little "oh, we've done this before" attitude for this time around, and as a result we're finding we weren't quite as prepared as we should have been! We're adaptable, though, and it's coming together. The main thing is keeping a rotating schedule for the various medications, pain pills, time spent on the continuous motion machine, ice packs, walking, etc.

She's in more pain this time around because there were some muscles that had to get cut this time that weren't cut in the first surgery. Turns out her left knee is a bit bigger than the right one was.

The best part as far as I'm concerned is that the super medicated dopiness has worn off. It was like Abbott and Costello here the afternoon she got home. We were trying to communicate, but the meds were making her mix up her words and thoughts. She would very confidently state something that made absolutely no sense whatsoever, and then look annoyed with me when I had a totally blank look on my face as it was clear I didn't understand her. I finally sent her to bed that day and told her we'd talk about it later (it was insurance stuff that's horrible to deal with in the best of circumstances.) She drifted in and out of that "crazy lady" state for most of Saturday too, but Sunday brought my real Mommy back to me. Thank goodness!

There's been some beading going on too - even Mom! I spent my evening tonight playing with samples for my Quick & Easy Kumihimo: Incorporating Beads class. I worked for a few hours on a necklace using all drop beads, but was very disappointed that it lost the look of the drops because it was so dense. It just looked like I was using Size 6 seed beads. So I cut it apart, and worked on it again, but this time used Size 8 seed beads on half the cords with drops on the rest. MUCH better! As soon as I get it a little longer, I'll get a photo posted. In the meantime, here's a photo of the faux bead crochet bracelet I made with Kumihimo the other day. Love it!

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  1. I love this and really want to work up to it. I have only just started doing Kumihimo and I'm hooked. Is it really hard? How many warps are there and do I need beads on every one? I am in UK and there are no classes.