Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming home Friday

Another quickie post tonight....I've been at home very little the last few days between errands, the hospital, and dinner with friends last night. Tomorrow morning, Mom gets released from the hospital and comes home - Yippee! But then I become the 24 hour nurse, too. I don't mind it a bit, but naturally, I get less Tapestry Beads work accomplished as a result.

All of which explains why I decided yesterday to bow out of the Puget Sound Bead Festival to be held weekend after next. I feel like leaving Mom so soon after her surgery is the wrong thing to do and it's been eating at me. Now that I've decided, I feel a big relief, so I know I made the right decision.

I'll be adding two home classes the weekend of July 11th instead, then. One will be Kumihimo with Beads. I think the other will be Celebration Collar, but I'm going to send out the official announcement sometime Friday. I'm still working out details.

Today's news of the passing of both Farrah and Michael Jackson has left me saddened beyond what I would have expected. Growing up, I was one of those little girls watching Charlie's Angels and wishing my hair would look like that. I had her iconic poster on my wall for a time. She was dazzling. And Michael Jackson - oh, Michael. The very first record I bought (and it was real vinyl!) with my very own carefully hoarded babysitting money was Off the Wall. My high school years are set to a soundtrack dominated by Michael Jackson songs. My first huge concert was traveling to Dallas for the Victory Tour. I still see my friends in my mind, group dancing to Thriller in unison at a birthday party. I watched with increasing disbelief as he physically and mentally declined in the years since. But in his heyday? MJ was a musical genius from the age of 10 on. I choose to remember the music, the dancing, and the videos, and part ways with the rest.

And now...I need sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.


  1. Hi Jill, I guess we arrived at an age where the heroes from our youth are starting to pass on. Today every time that I heard a MJ song, my eyes started watering.....

  2. "I choose to remember the music, the dancing, and the videos, and part ways with the rest."

    I like your comment. I've had MTV on today. They're doing MJ videos and remembrances all day.