Friday, July 17, 2009

Stitching away

In two weeks, the big Bead & Button Show 2010 teaching proposals deadline arrives. Be there, or be absent from B&B teaching! Gulp.

I've already got a few things done and ready to go, but you can really never have too many proposals for them, so I've been working out at least one additional project this week. When I sat down with the beads my brain was a total blank. No inspiration at ALL. But I knew I needed to break through the beading block that was going on, so I simply started bead doodling. Making one tiny choice at a time. And I'll be darned, but it worked. It hasn't been the smoothest of projects, that's for sure. I have a big ol' pile of "not quite right" bits and pieces that I've been using to experiment with in order to find the right way to make it more beautiful. More streamlined. More elegant. Here's just a small sneek peek - I have more beads on the way via mail order to finish it off and once I have it finalized I'll share it with you, of course!

I'm not sure I'll have time for yet another new project to be born since all the Bead & Button proposals require completed instructions to be submitted along with the physical samples. There will be some time spent writing the instructions for this new necklace (I dropped a hint!) that will probably be named "Elizabeth". All the other instructions are completed, but I need to gather everything together, get it packaged, fill out the comprehensive teaching proposal documents online, and get it all mailed off by July 31st.

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