Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's been one of THOSE weeks

Oh, how happy I am this week is almost over. It's been one challenge after another, none of them bead-related for a change!

I had a restful drive home from Shreveport on Monday. I'm SO glad I stayed that extra night. I was tired and run-down going into the weekend, and then got even more so at the retreat. Next year I VOW to be more rested and ready ahead of time so I can get there earlier, stay up until 2am beading with the hard-core beaders, and I'll plan up front to stay over through Monday so I don't try to drive home tired. There! I've put it in writing! Ya'll are in charge of reminding me of my VOW next year, okay?

So Monday, home. Tuesday - 8am - roofers arrive to replace our roof. Banging, pounding, clanking, barking, whining (both the dogs AND me,) and general insanity reign supreme for the next 11 hours. But we have a lovely new roof with a darker color and three-tab shingles and who could have guessed I'd become such a roof expert?

Wednesday - DirectTV dude arrives to reinstall our satellite after the roof replacement. Large shopping trip to Tar-jay.

Thursday (today) - rapidly scheduled dentist appointment. I had three old fillings replaced about six weeks ago, and over the last two weeks I've been getting increasingly intense hot/cold sensitivity back there, and some chewing discomfort. You know they were drill happy in the old dental days, and many of my generation have these HUGE metal fillings. Well, in this case, the darned huge filling replacement exposed a root tip and it's not responding to the medication they put on it, so here we go. I'm having a root canal on Friday, and then a crown. And there goes $2200. I'm hoping to get the work all finished before I leave for Bead Fest Philadelpia on the 18th.

Needless to say, there hasn't been a lot of beading going on this week! I finally started a sample of the new black and silver Twisted Sister for display in Philly and beyond. Even without a sample, the kit sold out at the retreat. It's classic and super wearable. Can't beat that! I have other samples to work up before too long also. I'm teaching the very first class of Evening Song here at Tapestry Beads studio on the 15th, and I need samples of the 2 extra colorways the kit will be available in. I'm also kitting Glorious Garland for the first time, and need to make my color selections there. It's a class I taught several times at Nomadic Notions, and now I'll be teaching it for the Dallas Bead Society at the end of the month.

All of which means, I'd better get off to work!!

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