Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not what I expected

I had PLANNED on having a full and fast-paced weekend. Right up until Friday, aka, the day Jill would like to have skipped. I had a more than full plate last week, between writing instructions for Saturday's Evening Song class, getting my kits made and shipped out to Philly on Friday, and making some new color choices for Piazza Perline among others. I made a pact with myself to work on the accounting stuff for a minimum of an hour a day until I got caught up, so I was throwing that in there too.

And then Friday happened. First off, it was the day for the second half of my root canal. Not so great. But I can handle it. So I get up Friday morning(ish) and I'm packing up the boxes to take to UPS, and as usual, I slept a little later than I'd planned so I was rushing around a bit. I go into the garage to find something, trip over a box on the floor, and wrench my back. OUCH. For those of you who don't know, I used to have very serious back problems that culminated in spinal fusion surgery in 2001. I'm in great shape back-wise now, but I do have to be careful. Honestly, it scared me to death at the time. I'm doing much better now and even had a massage today that worked out the remnants of the soreness.

So I limp off to the endodontist appointment. No big deal there. They got me fixed right up and out the door. I think they were a little overly generous with the nitreous oxide, though, because I was feeling quite loopy.

I get back home, trip over dogs while getting the boxes loaded into my car. The hatchback on my Celica won't stay up any more, so I managed to get several impressive looking bruises on my arms and shoulders getting the boxes in. I'm too late to get the boxes to the UPS drop closest to me, so now it's Friday rush hour and I'm having to drive a ways to get there.

And then I realize that in addition to my twitching eyelid from stress, I have the visual aura starting that precedes a migraine. A migraine. Now. Are you kidding me???? I called Mom, practically in tears, and she took charge. Met me at the UPS store to help me get the boxes in without further damage. Made me realize there was no way I'd be able to teach my class Saturday while in the midst of a migraine, sent me to bed at 7pm, and called all my students to give them the news and the rescheduled class date. Is there anything better than having your mom around when you're falling apart??

So the weekend turned out much slower and lower key than I thought. Honestly, I didn't get much done at all. Slept all day Saturday. Got a little accomplished on Sunday, but was quite lethargic overall.

Monday rolled around and I finally forced myself into gear today. I still feel like I'm dragging, but I don't have the luxury of indulging it. I have a list a mile long of things to get done on Tuesday, and then I'm flying out for Philadelphia on Wednesday morning.

I'm SO looking forward to the show!! You know how I love to see all my beady friends, and I have some new ones to meet in person now from Facebook interactions.

So that's why it's been quiet in blogland the last few days - I promise to do better! But for now, it's 2am and time for Jilly to attempt some rest.

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