Thursday, December 31, 2009

Getting back in the swing of things

I actually accomplished some things today. I was beset by the usual insomnia all night and tossed and turned and worried and stressed. Sleep finally arrived around 6am. Not ideal. I finally rolled out of bed and eventually out into the world by 3pm, and all of a sudden...I started actually getting things done. Ticking jobs off my to-do list which has been buried under a pile of books and beads and dust for weeks. And I started feeling...what is that feeling?...oh yeah, energized!

Worse yet - when I arrived home I actually worked out with my new Wii Fit for 32 minutes. (Please be sure and give credit where credit is due for that extra 2 minutes beyond the 30 I was supposed to do...they were hard minutes!) And get this. I felt MORE energized. Freaky, I know.

So the next big hurdle to cross is going to bed before dawn. I may even take a sleeping pill tonight to try to get back on track even though I hate them because I always feel groggy when I wake up. Yes, it's 2am now - but in my world that constitutes an "early" bedtime.

And then we jump back into work. Hop. There ya' go. Back on track. Might not be that easy, but I am starting to feel the thump of the wheels on the track that are alerting me that it's only 14 days before the first event of the year - the mighty Texas Bead Retreat in Temple, Texas, and only 30 or so days before I leave for Tucson. Gulp! I even made a hard, but grown up decision about Tucson today. Mom's birthday present this year is that she gets to stay home. I'm doing the Best Bead Show this year - all five days of it - by my lonesome. It makes more financial sense, and honestly the show isn't really busy enough that I HAVE to have help with it. It's been a luxury on my part to have Mom there for companionship and to allow me to run around and spend money and socialize. I'll be staying in Tucson three extra days after my particular show ends so I can run around and spend money and socialize, so it's not like I'm going to suffer that much. I already warned her I'll probably be text messaging her every 20 min.

Okay...about that sleep we go...wish me luck...

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