Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I haven't disappeared...

I know. Ya'll thought I'd forgotten about you, right? Not a bit!

I'll confess, though, that I've been doing pretty much everything BUT anything to do with beading. I've been spending time with friends, sleeping a lot, reading a lot, cross stitching, and generally goofing off. I know it's worrying Mom - she's seeing the days tick by and knows the new year and the busy schedule will be here before we blink too many more times. I haven't been able to get myself in the mood to do...anything.

I'd worry myself, but I remember this from years past. Every year I spend about 2-3 weeks around this time freaking myself out because I'm so uninterested and uninspired by beading that I wonder if I've lost the magic. And then every year, like clockwork, something finally springs in me and poof! It's back. I'm feeling a little more drawn to work the last day or two, so we may be close.

In the meantime, I haven't designed any of my new pieces for 2010 kits. (Sigh.) And I haven't set up any of the home classes for 2010. (And the students are starting to email, wondering...) And I haven't done any of the business improvement projects I'd planned. (oops.)

On the other hand, do I feel rested!!! (Giggle!)

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  1. I do the same thing Jill. Only it seems as tho the "un-inspired" periods are coming on faster and faster. I miss the days when I couldn't sleep with all the ideas buzzin' thru my brain!