Thursday, December 10, 2009

One last trip for the year

We're all safe and sound, back in the paws of our fur babies, much to their relief! Kelly C. does a lovely job taking care of them while we're away, but there's no Mama like your real Mama(s) and the dogs and cats are equally appreciative of our return in their own ways. As in demanding constant attention and reassurance that we are NOT leaving them like that again. Ever. Never ever. Um....

Las Vegas was such an interesting place - especially for folks like Mom and me who don't really fit in any of the usual visitor categories. We're not the gamblers. We're not the partiers in hoochey-mama dresses and sky-high heels. We're not the golden oldies who park themselves at the buffets and slot machines. Luckily, we're so easy to please. That's one thing I totally love about the way we travel together - we can do the silliest stuff and have a great time. So one afternoon was spent with the dolphins and tigers (non-golfing), another was spent taking silly photos at the wax museum and browsing at the faux European mall at the Venetian. We did spend some time at the slot machines, mostly losing (me) and sometimes winning (Mom). We toured the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor, and attended the smallest International Gem & Jewelry Show I'd ever seen (20 exhibitors, MAYBE - and we spent $20 in cab fare getting there.) We were amazed to see that Cher still looks fabulous and sounds even better. And without exception, ever single meal was completely delicious, no matter where we ate.

The photos are all on my Barbie computer, so I'll get them transferred over tomorrow. I really promise this time!

Today was the first day back at home, and it was seriously difficult for me to get back in the mood for work. The cold temperatures aren't helping a bit, because they make me want to go hibernate under the covers. I did get a bunch (BUNCH) of packages in the mail while I was away though and I spent the evening and into the wee hours of the morning getting the clasps and end caps and such all put in baggies and priced.

I've got roughly a bazillion pearls arriving on Thursday...some for the infamous Pink Pearl Treasure mixture, and some for custom Renaissance Revisited kits for the class I'll be teaching in Lake Jackson on Saturday.

That will be my last trip of the year - driving 3.5 hours down to Lake Jackson on Friday night, then teaching two classes on Saturday and driving back home. And then I go nowhere. For 5 weeks. FIVE WEEKS. Bliss.

I'm sure I'll be climbing the walls by Week 4. Ya' think?

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