Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm taking a hint

Darn it all...I keep meaning to change the blog password! Yes, Mom did a good job of outing my pathetic cold weather aversion. I become quite useless, it's true. Hibernation mode clicks in, and I want to spend every moment huddled under large piles of bankets and dogs. No problem - except nothing gets done! And while I've been crowing about the end of my teaching and traveling schedule for the year, that does NOT mean the job list is wiped clear. Far from it.

So I'm trying to cope because a look at the forecast tonight did not predict a stunning 80 degree December heat wave. Instead I'm taking the blankets with me from room to room (Snuggie, anyone? What do you suppose the odds are that I'm getting one for Christmas??) and bringing my small space heater too. I plan on buying some cheap gloves tomorrow and cutting the fingertips out of them so I can wear them while working on the computer or while beading, but still gain some warmth. I'm such a style icon! And the rest of the plan is to just buck up and deal with it.

Because those work piles are not goin' anywhere without me! I picked up an unexpected design job this week that's had me flexing some dormant stringing muscles. And in the process of doing some research for the design, I felt a desire to do some...gulp...wire work. I have a number of projects for myself that have been sitting around for ages, waiting to be put together. I plan on carving out some time to get at least one if not two accomplished before the end of the year. Like in 14 days, ya' know. As for the design project,'ll have to wait a while before I tell you the details on that one. :-)

Have you seen that the Bead & Button Show class schedule has gone live? Registration doesn't open until January 12, but you can peruse the classes now and plan your trip. I'm going to take at least one class since I'm there so early in the week this year. There are 3 that are vying for my attention. So far. I haven't even had time to finish looking through them all.

And I realized that I haven't yet told ya'll about this cool retreat I'll be teaching at in July! The Teton Bead Retreat will run from July 24-28 at the Grand Targhee Resort. Jeanette Cook, Kelly Wiese, Rashan Omari Jones, George O'Grady, and I will all be instructors for the retreat. I can't wait!!

Okay, off to do some more work if I'm going to allow myself the luxury of tomorrow's scheduled massage, and dinner with some friends. Both very important appointments!

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