Monday, March 14, 2011

Bead Fest Santa Fe: By the Numbers

766 - miles from my front door to the Santa Fe Convention Center
14 - hours it took me to drive nonstop on Thursday to get there
12 - the time of night I arrived
2 - the time of morning I went to bed because I was glued to the Japan earthquake/tsunami coverage on tv
6 - the hour the alarm clock went off
3 - number of curse words used when the alarm clock went off
20 - happy students who now can make Kumihimo with Beads
4 - vendors from whom I made purchases (Beyond Beadery, Alacarte Clasps & Wirelace, Oak Grove Studio, Artworks by Cathy J. )
28 - new colors of Delicas I purchased to add to my stash
0 - number of times I got to walk the whole show - too busy!!
2880 - number of 2mm Swarovski crystals I spilled on the floor of my booth
7 - number of curse words used when I spilled them
2700 - approximate number I managed to pick up
1 - burnt out headlight that I have to get fixed Monday morning before I head home
47892093457 - number of happy exchanges I had at the show. (Approximately.)
1 - tired Jilly
4- puppies and kitties that need their Mama Jill to come home for lovin's. And Winston wants his bed back.


  1. Thanks again for a fun class. I've already made 4 bracelets and a necklace, showed my brother the woodworker a picture of a marudai, and now have my own!

    Best to you,
    Laura B.

  2. My dog does that too!!! She's making we don't go anywhere without her. Winny just expects the same.