Friday, March 18, 2011

"Simple" Designs

The simplest of designs are often the hardest to accomplish. When there's not a lot of layers and extra beads to hide behind, every single stitch counts. The beads must lay just so. Be exactly right. And sometimes it's easy to mistake an elegantly conceived piece as simple.

But let me tell you about that simple piece. I have been working for six hours now on a simple piece. I've changed bead sizes. I've tried out different bead shapes. I've added two beads at a time, then tried three, then tried four.... I've ripped and reshaped. I've played with color. I've tried more than one type of stitch to get the drape I'm looking for. I'm finally closing in on the best way to make it. I think. But there are hours more of this type of experimentation to make sure that it's perfect.

So when you get the instructions for the project, of COURSE you're going to think it's simple. Because I worked up all the wrong ways to make it the right way for you.

You're welcome. :-)


  1. As a long time beader and fairly new designer, it is comforting to hear this. I rip and experiment and rip a lot more, and I think I assumed I was "slow" or something. Thank you for sharing your creative process with us :)