Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Packin' up the suitcases again

One more big trip to get through, and after that, while I do have a quick overnight trip to Lake Jackson, and a vacation weekend visiting a friend in Phoenix, I will be HOME until the beginning of June.

And what do I plan to do while I'm home, you might ask?? Well! Let me tell you.

First, I intend to play with the beads. Lots and lots of time sitting  and designing the beautiful items I've dreamed up in my head over the last year but haven't had time to bring to life. I have a list of projects that's so daunting - but I am excited to dive headfirst into the pile - like when I was little and dove into the pile of Autumn leaves, giggling and laughing and screaming. Exactly like that.

And I have a new bead cabinet that Mom and I scored from a fellow beader who needed to downsize a bit. We have plans to put it in our personal bead room to organize our personal bead stash, but naturally that requires moving pretty much every item in the room. Again. Organizing never ends!

And while I think they're gorgeous, I think Mom and I might break down and put the Christmas Ornaments that have been hanging in our front hall for the last three months away.

First, though? A week in gorgeous Santa Fe for Bead Fest 2011. I'll have a booth in the Convention Center, and my Quick & Easy Kumihimo with Beads class is sold-out for the second year in a row. (As a matter of fact, we just added a fourth session of that class for Bead & Button in June - on Tuesday night.) I'm also teaching a private class in Albuquerque the Monday after the show, and plan on being home by Wednesday. SWEET!

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