Thursday, March 17, 2011

Whirl & Twirl

At last, I arrived back home Wednesday afternoon. It seemed like twice the distance I drove getting to Santa Fe! The strong pull to be home home home was the culprit, I'm sure. I spend much of the next 10 weeks getting to BEAD! And DESIGN! And, oh yeah - there's this little thing called the Bead & Button Show that I need to get ready for as well.

I made Mom laugh like a hyena today as I was describing my spending spree on filigree components at Artworks by Cathy J. It's all Mom's fault. She emailed me a shopping list that included the note, "I like the stuff at this vendor - this piece in particular." Except she hadn't attached a photo of the piece she liked so much! I managed to get over to the booth in the last 30 min. of the show, and doggone it, I liked it all. So I bought it all. Almost all of it, anyway. Seems like. I'm a heck of a power shopper! Now if Mom had sent me the photo...I would have gone with a specific purpose! Instead she sent me shopping for "pretty." Mom asked if I was buying thinking about using pieces in kits. Um. I dunno. Actually it's probably mostly stuff for my personal jewelry. You know - the jewelry I haven't made in FIVE YEARS!!! But I have the perfect filigree for it when I get around to it. You're laughing like a hyena at me now too, aren't you? I can feel it.

I am tired and tried going to sleep at 9pm tonight. But the brain is dancing about - whirling and twirling. So I was back up by 10, and making lists and paying bills and ordering supplies and Facebooking and Tweeting. Listening to the new Adele album which I love and adore. But at last I feel sleepy eyes coming on. I think I'll be dreaming of filigree jewelry designs tonight.

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  1. I don't know if it was like a hyena, but I was recognition of something I'd do! LOL Glad you are home safe and sound!