Thursday, March 5, 2009

Santa Fe next week

I am really looking forward to the Bead Fest show in Santa Fe next week. I've never been there before, but everyone speaks very highly of the city and the show and I am happy I'll get to experience it all in person. I'll be traveling without Mom this time, but Anne Mitchell and I are sharing a booth area which means we can cover for each other when we have to do various important things like bathroom breaks, or go find food. Little stuff like that, ya' know.

I'm renting a guest house for this trip again, rather than pay the high hotel fees. I enjoyed that so much in Tucson and the place in Santa Fe looks smaller, but equally charming. And I have a hot tub which my aching muscles will surely enjoy immensely. But I'm gonna freeze my poor little Texas self there! One online source is even showing snow forecast for the Friday of the show. Snow?? In Texas, the city shuts down for snow. They do that in Santa Fe too, right? No?? What...I'm supposed to DRIVE in that stuff? Keep your fingers crossed for me!!


  1. jill, I was wondering if you have started classes at your house yet. I took a couple of your classes this past fall at Nomadic Notions.

    Debra Johnson

  2. Yes, I have. I'll be sending out an email regarding what I'm scheduling for April very soon. I'll make sure you're on the email list!