Thursday, March 5, 2009


First things first...Kathryn promptly corrected me from my last post that she's 78, thank you, not 76. Dang! How did that happen?? She's been a part of my life since our first bead class together in January of 2002, and I'm grateful for beading bringing us slightly older sister at heart.

I dragged Mom out on Tuesday to the weekly beading group meeting at Nomadic Notions for fun and frolic. It was Mick's birthday, so there was a big party and wonderful friends and food...and beads!

Mom's recovery is simply amazing. She's graduated to a cane most of the time from her walker, and she's whirling around the house like nothing ever happened. After her physical therapy appointment today, we made a stop at the new Target near our house and bought quite a bit. I sent her to the car to rest while I checked out. And when I got to the car to load up the groceries, she got out to help! HA! I told her to turn her tushie right back, or the other shoppers would gang up and yell at me for letting the lady with the walker haul groceries! But I loved the gesture, nonetheless...

Tonight was vindication for Jill the Vampira - what did Mom do?? She went to bed at 9pm, but woke up at 12:30am and said she felt like she'd taken a nap and was now wide awake! I exclaimed, "Welcome to my world!" And we watched stupid tv like Rich Bride, Poor Bride, and Millionaire Matchmaker until 3am. Now we're both off to bed again. I couldn't WAIT to blog about her very own Vampira makeover, though! (I seem to recall being a tattletale when I was a little kid, too.)

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