Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Air

This is, hands down, my favorite time of the year. The temperatures are just perfect...the tree leaves are all that new, bright, green...and in Texas, it's the season of the wildflowers blooming everywhere. We've taken to keeping our back door open most of the day to let the light and fresh air in, as well as the varied bird chirps and calls. Okay, and the occasional trash truck driving by too. It IS suburbia after all.

I had all these grand plans for working hard on Sunday and Monday towards a day off on Tuesday, but my lazy self decided to show up a few days early. I don't know that I did much of anything on Sunday at all. On the other hand, I really am enjoying the simple act of letting myself take a day off every week or 10 days. It's been literally years since I've done that, and I'm finding it really makes a difference for me. So all of those of you out there who have been after to me to take care of myself, I'm listening! I swear!

Mom and I went to her 6-week doctor's appt. for her knee Monday and she got cleared to return to work on Tuesday. It's going to be SO quiet in the house for a while as I adjust to her absence all day again! The doctor couldn't have been happier about her recovery, and said it was almost unheard of that she would already be mostly off the pain meds. Good job, Mom! And he also said that we could schedule the second knee replacement as soon as she felt ready. So we are tentatively setting it for June 16, after the Bead & Button Show. I'll be home to help with her care for three weeks afterward which is just perfect.

And in the meantime, I'm working away at The List! I had 34 colors of Size 15 seed beads show up today, so I spent some time this afternoon labeling and tubing them up. I'm short tubes, though - they're on order and will be delivered next week - so I'll put that aside for a bit while I move on to the next items. The urgent things are working up some new illustrations in Illustrator, as well as putting together a comprehensive list of the classes I'm available to teach. I've been getting more and more requests for that kind of info and simply need to sit down for a day and organize it all into a single document.

But tonight I'm working on samples while my butt is glued to the sofa watching tv. Tomorrow is soon enough for a bunch more computer work...

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