Sunday, March 29, 2009

This and That

From June
Jill has, indeed, been busy, so I'll give her a pass for not updating the blog recently. Since it's my show today, I'll update you on MY stuff.

I am now nearly 6 weeks post-surgery on my new knee. Last week, my physical therapist released me from therapy. I met ALL my therapy goals, surpassing my knee bend goal of 110 degrees by 3 degrees. She is quite pleased with my progress, and said it's been a while since one of her patients met all the goals. I have to go back to work on Tuesday, and that makes me very depressed. Having 6 weeks off gave me a taste of what retirement might be like, and I like it! Now if I could just afford it.

When we lived in Bastrop, we had about a bazillion hummingbirds. The number of them was related to the number of feeders I put up, and at one point, I was going through a 10 pound bag of sugar a week. So when we moved to Pflugerville, I tried putting up a feeder, but the ants here are so bad, I couldn't keep them out of it. It's weird that the ants in town are worse than in the forest. So, reluctantly, I took the feeder down. On impulse, I put one up on Friday, and was rewarded Saturday with a tiny little hummingbird. I know very little about these birds, but it was definitely a different type than the much larger birds we used to get in Bastrop. I hope this little guy comes back with a lot of his friends.

We had a couple of classes yesterday, so today will be spent picking up and relaxing. Jill is expecting a huge shipment of size 15 seed beads on Monday that will need to be tubed up and labeled. Her "to-do" list is pretty long.

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