Monday, April 6, 2009

Fooled me!

Alas, my creative color combos for the Carol Wilcox Wells class turned out to be neither fabulous nor nightmarish. Instead, just a bit disappointing. But the good part is the the project techniques themselves are worthy of me dabbling in more colors to get a bracelet that's just right for me.

Here's a peek into the creative process...first up, a unique and very easy/cool way to bezel a rivoli. Here I'd just set the rivoli into the bezel.

Next up, I added all the embellishing...

This is the back - this photo turned out a little fuzzy, but you can still get the idea.

And last, I added the clasp loops on the sides.

I wish my colors popped more, and that's the part I'll be working on when I re-do it. I also worked on one of the tiny chaton (like a miniature rivoli) pieces, as well as the long band the entire thing is attached to. I'll be sure and show you guys when I get it finished.

Tonight I've been working on a new color combo for a Ramblin' Roses kit - this one will be in blues and purples.

It's shaping up to be a heck of a week here. Despite all odds, it looks like Baby Boy Wiseman is going to hold off on arriving until Tuesday, when his Mama is scheduled to be induced. I'm going to spend the night at my brother's house Monday night and all day Tuesday so I can stay with Alexis while her parents go to the hospital to have her little brother. I hope she doesn't blame me when they bring him home!

I'm also hoping to make a quick trip to the hospital Monday to visit Kathryn Duckett, my slightly older "sister." Poor Kath has been having excruciating back pain for the last four months, and diagnosis was complicated by her osteoporosis. But they finally decided on a procedure where they inject cement into her crumbling vertebrae to stabilize and re-inflate the space there. She had the surgery done on Friday and her husband reports that she is free of back pain. Woo-hoo! She was supposed to have gone home on Saturday, but was having some trouble keeping her oxygen saturation up. They discovered she has some blood clots in her lungs, and they're keeping her a few more days to deliver Heparin by IV to dissolve them. I haven't spoken with her yet, but I'm sure she's all hacked off at not going home! You don't want to mess with a fiesty 78 year old!

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