Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heading for Denver!

Got the bags packed. Peter Printer behaved, and everything that needed printing got printed. Got all my various confirmations and directions in a folder, ready to go. And I've got about eleventy million more projects packed to work on than I could possibly even touch.

Why do I do this every time I travel? Somehow I believe that by taking the projects with me, they'll magically and spontaneously be finished by the beading elves?? On the other hand, most beaders know the feeling of needing the "right" project to work on at any given moment. That's our excuse for having eleventy million projects started in the first place. Right??

I stayed up far later than I'd planned tonight because I was working on a piece I've been struggling with, and I couldn't admit to myself that it really wasn't going to start looking good at some point. Four hours later, I'm gonna have to face facts. It's just not pretty. Sigh.

Last night's insomnia was brought to me via the design brain that wouldn't turn off. I'm quite excited by the possibilities of that necklace, however, so it was worth it. I finally got up at 4:30am so I could sketch it out and try to nail down the engineering of the whole thing. I'm not there yet, but I'm close. I may have to dig in with the beads first and see where it leads. The finishing touches are so important and they can't be faked or it shows.

I'm taking my laptop, so I'll update from Denver this weekend. The show is Saturday and Sunday...I've got all day Friday there to play tourist!! Yippee!

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