Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Serious case

It's very bad timing. I have a serious case of the "I don't wanna's."

I had the second part of a class here at the house this afternoon, and it was a pleasant way to while away the hours. One of the only big things I miss about teaching at the local bead store (as opposed to here at the house) is seeing all the beaders. I still get to visit with some of them when they come here for class, but since I'm only teaching once or twice a month, that's a lot fewer than I used to spend time with when I was teaching more like 10-12 days a month.

Mom's been fighting a bad cold since last weekend, and she ended up coming home early from work due to her endless coughing. She took a nap, and clearly she needed me to be quiet so as not to wake her, right?? My own nap outlasted hers by a good hour and a half, as usual.

And while I should have been working on designing, making samples, or putting kits together the rest of the evening, I couldn't make myself do it. Bad Jill! I have a submission deadline of April 30 for teaching proposals for the Swarovski event in Tucson 2010, my kits and patterns need to be shipped off to Denver on Monday, and many other tasks are floating around in my brain. But I sat. And watched stupid tv. And did nuthin'.

Tomorrow is another day....

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