Monday, April 27, 2009

It snowed!

Denver was one adventure after another - I had the best time! I'll certainly be making the Rocky Mountain Bead Society Show a part of my annual schedule, and I hope I'll be teaching a class or two up there next year as well. The committee puts on a heck of a show - thanks, ya'll!

Things I learned in Denver:
  • When you drive past the Purina Pet Food plant, the entire neighborhood smells like dog food. Can you imagine living nearby?
  • Renting a car in Denver is cheaper than taking a taxi to and from the airport.
  • Denver has dry air and static like I've never experienced before!!
  • Their weather is kinda, oh, shall we say, unpredictible. It was in the mid-70's when I arrived, and four days later, I woke up to a winter wonderland!
  • When you're driving around in an unfamiliar city and your GPS stops working, you're in a pickle and will probably arrive late for the opening of the show.
  • But the customers will be gracious and forgive you
Anne Mitchell and I were sharing a booth, and Anne made me laugh all weekend by describing our respective kits as "like Ikea" - I kept reassuring folks that our instructions were better and not in Swedish!

I'm safely home tonight, after an alarming flight from Houston to Austin with continual scary turbulence. An early bedtime is in order, coupled with a morning sans alarm clock. But I can't dally too much longer than that as I have a few samples to finish and get mailed this week, and some emails to send out. THEN I can have a day or two of leisure. Hangin' on until then!

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