Thursday, April 30, 2009

No urgent deadlines

Oh, how I fight being a deadline-driven person. (Some of you may know this phenomenon as "procrastination," but I feel that's a loaded word.) The one saving grace in my life is that I'm at least aware of it and can attempt to fight the strong urge to be a slug when I'm between frantic preparation tasks.

Sometimes the slugdom wins, though. I can't say I've accomplished much this week since I returned from Denver. Tuesday was spent sleeping. Tuesday night I worked on a beading project for hours and hours. Wednesday I spent a smidge of time on accounting tasks, and Wednesday night I spent tearing apart all the work I'd done on Tuesday night. It couldn't be helped - the colors were wrong and when it's wrong, it's wrong. That's what you guys pay me the big bucks for! Making sure the colors are just perfect and that they pop as they should.

That brings me to Thursday which I spent making lists of all the errands that I should do. Being as none of them are particularly time-sensitive (see paragraph one), none of them actually got done today. I like to think I'm taking our Vice-President's advice, and staying home to avoid the Swine-But-Not-Really-Swine Flu.

I'm looking at adding a few shows east of the Mississippi in the fall...there's not a lot in the Southeast going on after mid-Oct., and besides - you guys see me too much already! There's new beaders out there, waiting to be sucked into bead weaving, and it's my mission to find them...

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