Friday, May 1, 2009

Random Thoughts

  • I got the new issue of Bead & Button in the mail today and I'm dying to make the WIRE bracelet on page 70. I know, I know. Try to revive yourself from the fainting fit. But it uses 2mm Swarovski crystals. Which I just happen to have in abundance.
  • I am hot all the time now that our temperate Spring is over. Could it be peri-menopause? Is it weird that I'm hoping the answer is yes?
  • Mom and I are in need of an Alexis and William fix this weekend. I'm pretty sure their parents will hand them off to us and fall asleep in bed before we even pass the threshold.
  • A door I'd been trying to get in (apparently) closed this week. Their loss. In the meantime, Mom and I have been brainstorming an even bigger project that relies on no one else agreeing with our brilliance.
  • I'm working on a peyote bracelet using a great color mix of Toho triangles that Beyond Beadery put together. It's a random pattern bracelet. But random stresses me out. So I took the mix, and carefully separated all the 6 colors out so I can analyze and plan my random pattern more easily. This is how I know I am a seed beader.

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