Saturday, May 30, 2009

Off to the races!

Today was the saddest excuse for a quick exit that I've ever participated in. I had, at one time, hoped to be on the road to Houston for this weekend's Stafford Bead Market by noon. Whereupon I'd set up my booth leisurely Friday afternoon, and then spend a relaxing night at the hotel before the show opens on Saturday. Oh, the foolishness and folly of it all...

What REALLY happened is that after spending all day Thursday getting oodles of kits created, I still had a pile and a half left to assemble. What to do?? It was time to get practical and creative - something Mom and I excel at. I was trying to get a larger than usual number of kits made for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I'm doing three shows in five weeks, and the couple of weeks I'm home between shows 2 & 3 are when Mom's going to have her other knee surgery, and I'll be quite busy with hospital visits and helping her out the first few weeks. I don't anticipate a lot of time to restock.

Secondly, we got surprised last year at the Bead & Button show with a 40% increase in sales, which left us sold out of a LOT by the end of the show. We're trying to take more inventory this year to be prepared to meet the demand. (Please, let there be demand!)

But the reality is that I won't need that volume of kits this very weekend - I have everything in stock right now. I was working on making MORE stock. So instead of stressing about it, I simply packed all the supplies up for the kits that still need making, and brought an extra small suitcase with me. I'll be able to make them up in the hotel rooms at night between now and next Thursday when the Expo Hall in Milwaukee opens for Preview Night. No worries!!

Which means that I managed to go to the Post Office, the bank, Best Buy, Office Depot, a clothing store, Target, and Walmart to run errands that really needed running. My noon departure fantasy dissolved into an 8pm reality. But the good news is that I'm in Houston - I'll get up in the morning and set up the booth before the show starts, and all will be well. That is, if I get to sleep!!

I know there are a number of people waiting on emails and such from me. Those are my task for Saturday night!!

I'm really getting energized to get to Milwaukee and see all my friends. It's my very favorite show of the whole year.

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