Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beading under the influence

Oh my. Do I feel dopey!! In an effort to help with my helpless sleep schedule, Mom passed along some of her sleeping pills to me, and I decided to take them around 3am. Yup, that's early for me. But I HATE the way they make me feel. Definitely drugged. Under water. Dry mouth. While a normal person would be giving in and letting herself fall asleep, the effects are driving me nuts enough that I'm actually now trying to stay awake to fight off the worst of it.

I threw together a quick project earlier tonight - I forgot how fast wire work is! My poor fingertips were aching for a while, though, as it's been a long time since they've been used in such a brutal way. (Yes, I hear you wire folks out there laughing at me.) Anyway, this project is in the current issue of Bead & Button on page 70. It uses 2mm Swarovski crystals, and since I sell them, goodness knows I have plenty of those! Plus I got a brand new batch in the mail today with two new custom coated colors and I desperately wanted to play with them. The bangle is completely fabulous!

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