Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday's Random Bits

  • I like the random things lists, so it's going to be a new Friday ritual. Until I forget or get bored.
  • Why have all the sleeves on shirts gotten so short? I'm a fluffy body type and I need sleeves. Not flutter wingy looking things. Not caps. Not super short short-sleeves that make my upper arms look like muffins. Surely the economic downturn can't be so bad it's causing manufacturers to skimp on t-shirt fabric.
  • Any moment is a good moment for Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.
  • Mom and I are planning on painting our front door a bold teal. That ought to freak the neighbors out if the two cars in the driveway with BEADS and BEADS2 license plates with Swarovski crystal license plate holders didn't already do it.
  • I'm annoyed that Chase sent me a new business debit card with THEIR name on it instead of WaMu's name because they had the nerve to change my card number. Do you know how many places I already have the card number on file? Eleventy million. And now I don't have the cool "911" security number on the back of the card any longer. It made me giggle every time I had to use it. No giggles, no more.
  • The annual Mexican Haze event has started. Every spring, the farmers in Mexico burn their fields to clear them, and depending on the weather at the time, we either get a little or a LOT of smoke haze all the way up in Austin. 100% chance of watery eyes, stuffed up sinuses, and headaches for the next several days.

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